A Couple Coupons From An April 1987 Newspaper

Hey, these are from 1987. Honestly there isn't anything super awesome or special about these coupons. Let's be honest about that but sometimes it's the mundane things that really bring out the nostalgia. 

These are the kind of coupons and ads that your mom would look at before grocery shopping on Friday. We always shopped on Fridays and actually still do now that I think about it. 

Ball Park franks are pretty good. I prefer Oscar Meyer out of all the big brands. Nathan's actually are better as far as flavor but they are a little too moist for my taste. 

The Nathan is really quite good but some hot dog juice will for sure get on your shirt and it's not just water it's also a little bit of grease and you know those greasy spots are a bear to get out. 

I've never seen that brand of chip as far as I recall. I like that the one there is called "Full Strength" I wonder if that means flavor or carrying capacity? 

Like is it super flavorful or can it carry a ton of Onion Dip? My guess is that it has a high dip capacity but I'd probably call it High Density but Full Strength is really good too. 

I think we have some Kraft Singles in the fridge but on the real they are gross and I can't think of anything that I would use them for except to make a grilled cheese for an eight year old. 

Know what? I actually kind of like half a single microwaved on top of an Oscar Meyer hot-dog, on a slice of white bread of course. That was what I had for lunch many a Summer day back when me and my bro where left home while my folks were at work. 

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