Mego Fighting Championship Tournament Final: Andre The Giant Vs.Muhammad Ali

Here it is fans. The finals of the 1st ever Mego Fighting Championship Tournament. The two men before you have defeated two other figures on the way to the finals. 

Andre crushed The Fonz and Spock while both Bruce Lee and Frankenstein fell at the feet of the greatest boxer who ever lived, Muhammad Ali.

The Championship Belt
Before the battle begins both men pose with their respective championship belts and what each man hopes they will soon possess, The Mego Fighting Championship belt. 

This is sure to be an exciting bout. Each competitor represents their respective fighting arts with skill and gamesmanship. Andre, the wrestling champion hopes to take the fight to the ground while Ali the boxer will need to keep Andre on his feet if he is to have any hope of winning.

Flicking out a jab
Ali flicks out a jab at the bell knowing that he'll need to establish his hand game quickly if he has a prayer of keeping the much larger grappler off of him. 

As of now in The MFC Andre has been immune to any attack that has been thrown his way. It seems that his mountainous size is the best defense of all.

Takedown Attempt
The jab proves ineffective. Andre walks through it like it didn't exist and locks up Ali around the shoulder. 

While not a very technical wrestler his huge size and strength is more than enough to get most men to the mat with a minimal effort. 

Ali while a great athlete with impeccable balance proves no different to any of the hundreds of men Andre has flung to the ground with little effort. 

Strikes from the side mount
As soon as the make contact with the earth Andre goes to work with punches and clubbing forearms. His hope is to force knock Ali unconscious as quickly as he can. 

A man like The Giant does not get paid by the hour. He wants to get this over with and be back at the bar before the start of the soccer on TV.

Ali's defense on the ground is surprisingly good.  He's using his gloves as shields against Andre's fists which forces Andre to stand up and stomp down at The Greatest. 

The effort of getting to his feet appears to take sap a lot of the wrestler's strength. He can be seen visibly breathing heavy. 

Ali uses the space from Andre standing to pivot his body around so that his legs are between Andre and himself. 

Turning into the guard position
The space between the two men give the boxer a chance to regain his bearings. Seeing that The Giant is starting to tire Ali slides his legs between Andre's and tries to trip him to the ground. 

I'm not sure if this is the best move. After having been on his back since the start of the fight I believe Ali should use any chance he has to get the fight standing but we have to see how this turns out before passing judgment.

Watch your head and shoulders
I can't believe it! Andre has fallen to the Earth and Ali seeing his chance jumps up and starts putting the boots to the prone Giant. 

He lands a few solid kicks to the head and shoulder! Could this be the end? It really seems that way until Andre struggles to his knees and picks up The GOAT for another big takedown. What strength!

As quickly as he got to his feet Ali is back on the ground with The Giant pounding on him. The slam has taken a lot out of Andre though. His energy reserves already on low have to be near empty at this point. A man of his size isn't used to having his fights go past a minute. 

Ali isn't unscathed by any means. The shots from Andre have bruised and battered his forearms and body but The Champ is known for his endurance and iron chin.

The beating continues
Andre maintains the top position for another two minutes, landing blow after blow on Ali who does his best to defend all the while taking far more than he is blocking. I'm not sure how much longer he can take the beating.

In some ways this fight is starting to resemble Ali's battle with George Foreman in Zaire, the famous Rumble In The Jungle where Ali perfected his Rope A Dope technique. Could he be attempting a similar strategy here?
Just as the thoughts were passing through my fingers into the keyboard The Giant slumps forward onto Ali. He appears to be completely exhausted. 

Seeing his opportunity Ali rolls the hapless beast off of him and onto his back. The effort is immense as Andre weighs close to 700 pounds!

Smothering technique
Ali pulls off his gloves and uses his palm to smother Andre's face. His hand goes over both his mouth and nostrils. The Giant struggles for breath but his strength is sapping quickly. 

After no more than thirty seconds without oxygen Andre slips to the ground. Unconscious and defeated! Ali is your first ever Mego Fighting Championship Heavyweight Champion. This is a great day for action figures and a great day for sports!

The Champion
Ali stands triumphant over his fallen foe who has yet to get back to his feet. Finally he stirs, awakened and is removed from the arena on a forklift. There does not exist a stretcher that could hoist his gigantic frame. 

Suddenly in a blinding flash of light a mysterious challenger appears!

Blinding Light

Who is this mysterious man? Oh my gosh! It's The Batman! The Dark Knight Of Gotham! What is he doing here! How did he produce that blinding light? A flash grenade? Isn't smoke more his style? Who knows? 

Is he going to attack the new champ? Does Ali even know that The Bat is right behind him? What is going to happen next? I am gobsmacked at the appearance of Batman. I wasn't aware he was in The MFC!

A hand extended
No, it looks as if The Bat is a man of honor as he extends his hand to Ali and asks for a chance at the championship like a true gentleman. Ali while game to fight Batman says he feels like he should prove himself on the blue mats before getting a title fight. Batman agrees and says he'll set up a fight the first chance he gets.

That concludes our night of action. See you soon from The Mego Fighting Arena here in lovely Santa Rosa California! 


  1. Great bout! Ali got lucky. If Ali gives Andre a rematch, he should squash him next time.

    1. Andre needs to work on his cardio if he has any hope. He's great at the start but fades fast..


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