IseeRobots Television: Masters Of The Comic Book Arts VHS Rip



This is a really great VHS Tape from my personal collection of timeless classics. I've had it for years and pop it in from time to time as background noise. Not that it doesn't deserve your full attention because it totally does but it also serves that purpose of very comfortable background stuff.

Basically it's a series of interviews with comic book luminaries hosted by the incomparable Harlan Ellison. The tape features dudes like a young long haired Frank Miller, Bernie Wrightson, Jack Kirby, Art Spieglman of Maus fame and more. 

It came out in 1987. I was so deep into the comic book world at that point. I still am but in 1987 I was a regular over at Fantasy Books and Games and made occasional appearances at Cooperstown here in Rincon Valley. That was a great time in my life. Anyhow, enjoy the VHS Rip.. It's totally worth watching.  

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