IseeRobots Television: 1992 CBS Commercials From The Ohio Area From Northern Exposure

About A year ago my pal Sara sent me a box of her old VHS Tapes. They were Northern Exposure episodes for the most part which is really great because I absolutely love Northern Exposure and thought that it was really cool that she was out there back in Ohio in 1992 taping the same episodes of NE that I was. I guess that's why we remain really good friends up until today. 

We are two peas in a pod or thick as thieves. Sara and I worked together for years and got along really well and that was the phrase that a coworker used for us. Thick as thieves. I always like that and like to think that we were that. Thick as thieves. 

Anyway there are some cool commercials in the mix but the best thing in there to me is the little "Northern Exposure will be right back" bumpers that they put in there. If you are curious you can find one at the 5.31 mark but they basically looked like this...

They aren't like amazing or anything but you can't find them on the DVDs or anything and to me they were somehow part of the overall presentation and seeing them again was a real blast from the past. 

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