Toy Pics: Zartan's Brother Zandar. Hasbro 1986


I took these pics of Zandar inside the infamous Predator cardboard insert. It's just so swampy looking. It's perfect for Zartan and his cronies. Zandar is more than a crony to Zartan though. He's Zartan's brother! I know crazy right. 

He can also change color like Zartan. I wonder if that power came from their Mother or Father's side. I wonder if that's ever been explored in the comics. Probably. They've been running for like 40 years now. I imagine that they've explored everything at one time or another

I really took these pics because I was looking for something to do to pass the time. I'd already worked on the pod and I did some Ebay listing and walked the dog and all that and it was only like noon so I'm all like "What else can I do that's productive but also sort of fun" and taking a picture of Zandar was the first thing that came to mind. 

In the end though I'm glad I did. Zandar has some really interesting facial features. His cheeks are really well defined and the makeup on his grill really pops. 

I also really dig his outfit and his color choices. The pink hair is fantastic and I really grock that blue bandana also the lime green arm things. Dude is an awesome amalgam of 80's style mixed with a late 70's punk rock aesthetic 

As far as being a character I don't know what my feelings on Zandar are. Aside from being Zartan's and Zarana's bro what else is there to him? Has he ever done anything of significance? I'm not sure, which leads me to think that he probably hasn't... 

I did a very brief look at his Wiki entry and it seem like his biggest accomplishment is setting up a call center for Cobra to make scam calls from. I mean that could be lucrative so it's nothing to sneeze at but still...

Overall though I'm pretty pleased with how these pics came out. That's not always the case but this time it was so I got that going for me...

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