Toy Pics: A Real American Hero.1984 Zartan


Zartan was one of my favorite figures as a kid. When you combine the color changing deal and the little mask he kept in his backpack I was all in on the master of disguise. He was one of my heavy hitters when it came to play time. 

I would make a muddy area near the side of my house by the hose and have him skulk around in the "swamp" I'd build little mud houses and everything. 

I really liked his little Swamp Skier too. It was dope how you could take it apart and put it in a little cart. The downside is that the pieces were easily lost. I actually lost one of the skis on the one I have now. It's more realistic that way to be honest. 

My Zartan is a little weird. His O-Ring broke so I tried to do a replacement but as hard as I try I cannot get is chest piece apart. It's sealed and I do not want to force it so right now he's held up by a few pieces of modeling clay inside his waist to hold the whole thing up. It's fine. You cannot tell from looking at it.

I took this picture inside the cardboard insert that came with my Lanard Predator figure. It's a neat little swamp image that was perfect for Zartan. Homeboy lives in the swamp. 

A crossover between the two worlds would be fun. Zartan vs. Predator... A Hunt Through The Swamp. I might read that. Heck, I prolly would. If Larry Hama wrote it I for sure would.

The sword is of an unknown origin. I found it somewhere and thought it was interesting and that it sort of plays into Zartan's background as a Ninja. He's been a Ninja and then an Assassin and now he leads a bike gang that he hires out as terrorists. Quite a story arc. 

I don't like this pic as much. The angle makes it look like his sword is bending. It's not. It just looks that way. Alright, it really is bending and I just got a bad angle. It's fine but it's not my favorite pic of all time. It's not that bad though. 

Zartan has a more noble pose than you would expect from someone as nefarious and sneaky as he is. He's portrayed as dangerous but cowardly/smart in the show and the comic. It works for him. 

He's in it to win it but if he's not going to win it, he's going to survive and try again later. In reality that's how you go about things in the real world but in most fictional universes dudes seem like they are itching to sacrifice themselves at the drop of a dime. 

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