Toy Pics: Masters Of The Universe Revelation: Teela

I got Teela yesterday over at Walmart. Man, she's a pretty good figure. I'm more than happy with her. She is the 1st figure that I bought from Wave 2. Let's see, who is in that wave? Her, Man At Arms, Spikor, Skeletor and He-Man, of course. Every wave has the top face and heel. That just makes sense.

I took these pics at my kitchen table using the piece of cardboard that was the figure backing in the package. It looks like Castle Grayskull and makes for a nice mini portrait background. I have similar ones from The Predator Figure I got last year and The Alien too. Both of those guys are from Lanard. 

I don't have a ton to say about the figure. I just wanted to get these pics up here. They are all sort of similar so I thought that they might make a cool little collage. I don't make collages very often but I do think for something like this they serve a good purpose. 

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