T.R.O.Y: Leonard Nimoy

Some Simp Playing With Plastic Numbers

Laserdisc Title Screen: Alien

The Toys R Us Report Episode 22: The A-Team by Galoob

VHS Title Screen: Super Fuzz

Mattel Electronics Soccer

My Farrah Fawcett Puzzle

VHS Title Screen: Home For The Holidays

VHS Title Screen: Scream And Scream Again

Toys R Us Report Episode 21: Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow

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Donkey Kong JR. Game And Watch That I Found At The Flea Market

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Milton Bradley: All In The Family Card Game

The Toys R Us Report Episode 20: Marvel Secret Wars By Mattel

My New Wallet

VHS Title Screen:Outland

VHS Story Board: Buck Rogers "It's callled getting down."