The Toys R Us Report Episode 20: Marvel Secret Wars By Mattel

Hey kids! This week on the show we got a heck of a fun episode ahead of us! We lead off with a story about how my old lady lost her dog. It's an epic tale and one you don't want to miss. After that It's At The Movies where I speak about a movie I saw on VHS! It's called Outland and it stars Sean Connery. It's totally cool.  This is one of my fave flicks. I hope you check it out and dig it too!

After that it's The Retro Toy Marketplace, the main event of the show. Topic? Marvel's Secret Wars by Mattel. It's a really great episode this week guys! Make sure to tell a friend and make sure to check out our new pals over at Entertainment Earth. They help us keep the lights on over here at the HQ! 

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy the show.