Magazine Scans: The Cover and Inside Page Of Psycho Magazine Number 12. 1973

I have all these folders. Like vintage school folders. I don't know man, when I see them somewhere if they are cheap I usually grab them. My favorites are the one with fantasy themes like unicorns or even better yet, Pegasuses on them. Anyhow, I have these folders and I use them to store random pieces of paper in, things like magazine covers or small snips of newspapers, flyers and stuff like that.

So, I was looking around in those folders for a Father's Day card that 2.0 gave me that she drew a Pokemon on. While looking for that card (Which I eventually did find) I came across this cover for Psycho Magazine.  

Psycho was this pulp magazine that was sort of an anthology thing with a bunch of different stories byy various Sci-Fi/Horror writers. Dudes like Marv Wolfman and John Byrne or whatnot. It's a pretty cool magazine that I've only been fortunate enough to get a good look at a couple of times. 

The world needs more things like magazines called Psycho, I stand by that thought. The world is better with Psycho than it is without. One could make the argument that the world has only gone downhill since Psycho folded in 1975.

This is the interior of the cover. There is some great stuff there. The image of the melting heads is great and the fonts they used for the names of the stories are dynamite. I love Lunatic Picnic (amazing title) The Weird Way it was is dynamite and well, they are all great. I honestly wish I had the whole magazine to look through. It looks amazing. 

I did a very small dive and for the most part you can get issues of Psycho for 10-20 dollars a pop which isn't bad. This particular one can be had for around 12 dollars or so.. Not bad for the chance to get to read Lunatic Picnic.

On a side note I found the card that I was looking for and it's amazing. Peep upon this greatness..

My favorite Pokemon Go Pokemon is my Vaporeon named King Neptune. She is tough and wins the majority of her battles. It's a very thoughtful card and I love it.