Magazine Scan: Man's Adventure Magazine 1961

I don't have a ton of info on this magazine cover. I found it in a folder full of random papers. I imagine that when I found it I thought "this is amazing. I can't let it get thrown away" I think that a lot about random papers that I find here and there at flea markets and such. 

I know almost certainly where this came from, the shop I've called The Honey Hole in the past. They sometimes have the most random stuff just laying around. I think that the owner does house clean outs and a lot of the stuff winds up in the store. It gives it a really random feel sometimes. 

This is a really rad magazine though. It has Nazis and some hot babes. One has a Luger and the other a Tommy Gun. Now that I look closely two of the babes have Lugers. This is such an illicit image. 

Look at that "T" they have the homie tied to. That Swastika is crazy ill and the SS Doofus is perfectly illustrated. He's so evil. I hope he get's it from the Tommy Gun. 

Knowing what the 60's were like do you think that the prisoner got to kiss all three of his saviors? My guess is probably. 

The headline across the top about Nymphomania is dynamite. What a lurid topic for The 60's. I like how the idea is that you should go out and find a chick with Nymphomania. You know, because searching out people with deep mental illness for the purpose of getting dates is always a good idea.

This is the interior of the cover page. It's not super interesting but it reminds me of the advert I used to see in comic books that was similar to this but it promised that there was a super rare penny that they would give you like 100,000 dollars for or something. 

I remember digging through some of my coin jars looking for the penny. I never found it. I don't remember what made that penny special at this point.  

I don't really know anything about coins really. They do seem like a cool thing to collect though because they are massive variety of coins out there in the world. You could almost literally never get them all. I think I can remove the almost honestly. You could never get them all. 

So there you go. I think I have a few more magazines like this around here somewhere. Probably in or around the place I found these one's most likely. 

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