Video Store Sticker: Bradley Video Store Number Eight. Rincon Valley. Santa Rosa Ca.

I found this specimen over at the Crossing The Jordan on Piner Road. What's awesome about this is that I used to work at this store! When you hear my video store tales they are most likely from good old Bradley Video store number Eight in Rincon Valley. 

There is a fairly decent chance that I actually put this sticker on the tape. That was one of my Monday Morning duties. Basically what you would do is put the magnetic strip on and then put two store labels on each side to make it harder to remove the strip and shoplift the tape. The Do Not Remove Strip was some sort of Magnetic anti-theft deal.

I did this hundreds of times a week. It wasn't that bad. I'd give anything to be able to go back and do that TBH. At the time it was a drag but the nostalgia to do it again is overwhelming. 

The building that contained the store is still there but it's been split into three shops. There is a Burger King, a barber shop and a phone store inside the place I used to put stickers on VHS Tapes for hours a day...

That's the building more or less. The entrance for the store is in the same place and if you go inside the windows and all that are exactly the same. You can almost feel The Spirit Of Bradley Video still inside... I'm not sure what all the firemen are doing...