Toy Pics: The Black Power Ranger. Bandai 1994

I've never even seen an episode of Power Rangers but I love the character designs so much that I buy them at the flea all the time! I think they look dynamite and the show does look like fun but I was already in high school or maybe even out when it first aired so I never got into it. That was the period of time where I was out there living a life and such. 

I do buy the more thatn occasional Ranger at the flea market though. There is this line of 8 inch Rangers that have pretty good articulation and a nice clunky feel that I think is fun. So far I've found The Black, The Red, The Yellow, Blue and a chromed out Blue one. Only the Black one has his blaster though. I sub it in to pics with other dudes as needed. The yellow and blue are in rough shape but they are fine for my purposes.

That one up there is my favorite Ranger pic so far. I think he looks like he's pretty confident and ready for action. I think he looks tall too which I think is a nice effect if you can pull it off with a figure. 

I took the pic in front of a piece of poster board with stars on it. I had two lights. One on each side. Then I edited it to make the stars look green. Sort of like an Aurora Borealis or whatever. The paper is sort of purple in real life. I got it at Micheal's. I think it cost like 3 dollars or less.

I dig the way his lips look. It's creepy to make armor and add on some lips. It shows you are truly a loon. I don't know why. It's just something about making lips out of metal, like the time and the care involved with making some dudes lips... 

On this pic I was trying to make him look noble. It's hard to make a figure look a certain way because the lips and stuff can't move but I think I did alright by having him look off in the distance wistfully. looking noble and looking wistful aren't really all that far apart. I might have actually written that sentence before. It sounds familiar...

Anyhow, there you go. Some Power Ranger pics. I'm on the look out for The Pink Ranger and The Green One and then there is an alternate White one with different deco. I don't know enough about ranger lore to really know what that's about and that's cool man. I dig how they look and that's enough for me..