Toy Pic: Mego Frankenstein Bound In Gigantic Chains!

I'm trying hard to get in the halloween spirit this year. For some reason I'm not feeling it down in my heart so I'm putting in some extra effort. To that end I took a pic of this Mego Frankenstein I set up in my living room. I really love this figure. Honestly all the Universal Monster Megos are terrific. Kudos to my Mego Making Homies! 

That shady image in the back of Frank that kind of sort of looks like a Church Spire is a blurred piece of a house plant that is held up and is growing toward the ceiling by being spun around a piece of bamboo in the middle of the pot. 

I like how this pic sort of looks like Frank might be holding the camera himself. If that's the case it's a very dour selfie. 

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