Toy Pics: 1975 Pinto Hot Wheel. Poison Pinto.

I've recently gotten into toy cars. I don't really know why honestly. I think because you can get one over at the store for .99 cents. In this day and age that is an amazing bargain. I mean that, it's amazing that anything can cost that cheap and be actually cool and fun.

For the most part I prefer Matchbox cars to Hot Wheels. I like how Matchbox cars are more real life oriented but there are a lot of cool Hot Wheels out there too so I don't front. As a matter of fact the car up there is a HW.. 

In real life the Posion Pinto is green but I made it pink for the pic. I thought it looked cool. Your interest may vary. I like the color pink. 

I picked this guy up and a bunch of other red lines at the Sebastopol Flea Market for a dollar a piece. That's great right? No markup from the original store price despite being just about 30 years old!