The Toys R Us Report Ep.172: Venom: Comic Jocks and Chuckleheads...

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We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with a recap of last week's disciplinary action from Dr. Jane Walsh. We look into what happened and what it means for us..

From there we talk about a movie I saw called A Star Is Born. It's a remake of a remake and stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.. I liked it. Listen in to find out why

Then we talk about another movie, Marvel's latest offering: Venom! We talk about the movie as well as Comic-Jocks and Chuckleheads.. It's an interesting bit of data. 

In the final segment we take answer a few text messages and talk about Megos.. I have my Frankenstein and I bring him on air for a bit of a review.. I love him. We talk about Wave 2 of Mego as well as some other fun stuff. 

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