Flea Market Find: Sly Stallone/Undertaker Action Figure

Look at this super weird action figure that I found over at The Flea Market the other week, He's so weird. Ok, first of all look at his head.. It's totally Sylvester Stallone right? It fully is. Take a closer look.. 

Dig how dude has that Sly Stallone signature grimace... Also here is the weird part.. I mean it's all weird but here is something else weird.. He has Sara tattooed on his neck like The Undertaker. Here, take a look..

He's also wearing a singlet and pants that are sort of like The Undertakers. I wonder if this is like a homebrew sort of mish-mash figure? Maybe huh? If that is the case I want to know where the head came from? I know of no Stallone figure that has a head of that sort... Then again, I am not an expert in the field.

I really dig this guy. He is so weird. Also he can do this...

What a weird leg bend.. You could put dude in The Sharpshooter or something. Maybe that's already happened.. If my legs looked like that I would full on be on the way to The Hospital, or maybe not. Maybe I would just be stoked at how flexible that I was.. It's so strange. Dude has his knees on backwards..