The Sharp EL 5500II and Why Kim Kardashian Trumps Basic In All Ways..

Hey, I have a real interest in old calculators. Well, I don't know if a real interest is accurate. I think maybe more honestly what would be true is that I like to buy old calculators and I don't know why. Who knows why we buy anything that we don't need really? Old memories? Who knows/cares. What's important is how cool this one is that I picked up at a Garage Sale this past Saturday..

It's really cool because it's a calculator right? but it's more than that. It's also like mini computer that you can use to program in Basic. My abilities in Basic are basic at best. I can make my name repeat 10 times and maybe one or two other tricks I remember from back in the day but really I'm basically a chump when it comes to Basic.

The fella' that I got it from was the original owner and said that he wanted it to go to some kid out there so they can learn Basic like he did. I don't know how many kids there are out there that are interesting on old programing languages but I told him that I'd at least show it to a kid and see if they were interested in it.

As a follow up to my promise I tried to show my daughter but she couldn't pull her head out of her Kim Kardashian phone game long enough to even be bothered. 

Seriously, how can you interest a kid in the early days of computers when there are in-game purchases to be made? She told me that she's a B level celeb now and that the A list is within her reach. She just needs a couple of dollars to buy some cool in-game clothes.

I lied to her and told her that she could get the things if she'd let me show her how to make your name print out a bunch of times by inputting like a million key strokes into a calculator. She told me it'd be easier to just type my stupid name ten times than to do all that and asked if she could just buy the clothes now. I said, No, of course not. If you don't have the patience to learn the one thing that I know how to do in Basic you don't deserve to be an A Lister... She cried and stomped off. Tweens are so fickle.