Toy Pics: Thundercat Tygra

I don't know a lot about the Thundercats. For whatever reason it's a show that I didn't watch. Maybe it was on at the same time as The Baseball Bunch or something. I do think that they look really cool though. I'm big fan of the designs. I just don't know much about the lore. 

I think that this dudes name is Tygra. Is that the same name as a Marvel Character? The cat girl with a tail? I don't think so but it's possible. Anyhow, this guy's name is Tygra. I believe that there is also a version of this figure where he is younger? I'm not sure what the storyline idea. Of the two the older version of Tygra is harder to find. That's great for me right? 

I think that I have two Thundercats in my collection of junk, Panthro and this guy. I wish that I had Lion-O. I think that if you are only going to have one figure from a set the main character is the one that you want..

How come his booties leave his toes out? I bet it's because he's a cat and a cat needs it's little toe pads to climb around on trees and stuff, also claws make any kick a potentially lethal move! Good touch there LJN!