Two Dogs Crying While The World Melts Into Glass. 80s Style Art

I've been messing around with this Artificial Intelligence Image generator name Dall-E. It's really quite amazing. You type in what you want to see and it makes it for you. 

Read the title of this post to see what I described. I was trying to go as "out there" and "arty-farty" as I could. I think the one up there came out pretty great. Here is another one. I love it too. The dogs look devastated.

I don't know man. I'm honestly pretty impressed with the outcome. I don't know what I expected to get out of the machine when I typed in the words but what came out is extraordinary. 

They've basically made a computer code that makes art. Pretty decent art honestly. Those dogs up there and especially down below here look seriously quite sad.

The way that the one dogs looks like it's helping the other dog cope with what's going on in the newly glassed world is pretty effective at getting the idea across. I myself am no artists but I do know some pretty talented one's and I'm not sure that they could do something as good as these. It's pretty scary. 

I'm really obsessed with making these pics on Dall-E. If I were you I'd go over there and sign up. You have to wait awhile for an invite to the beta so just sign up an chill till it gets to you. I think I waited a month or so but I feel like it's totally worth it.

Here is one more just for kicks. I made this one for 2.0.. Here is the description.. A K-Pop star eating a hamburger made of love 

O.K one more... I like this one a lot... A can of soda containing a small white poodle as an ingredient.

For each request you get 4 choices. Here is another one of poodle-soda

Last one I promise.. Here is what the description for this one.. Synthwave vhs on the Jupiter Moon Base

Amazing. I might put this on a sticker.. I had such a good time making these. I ran through all my credits! 

This is how it works. You get so many credits at the start of the month and after you run through them you have to wait until the next 30 days to get more.. You can buy more. I think it's 15 dollars for 115 requests. It's not a bad deal. It's so fun. It's seriously one of my favorite things like ever.

Here is the site. Go sign up and let me see what you come up with!  HERE!!!!