IseeRobots Televison. A Pair Of KFTY TV 50 Infomercials And My Life Back In The Day.


This video is basically my youth. I ripped it from a VHS tape I found out in the garage. I have boxes full. At any rate, BITD I would spend my nights at home in my bedroom watching antenna TV until I fell asleep. 

I would be able to pull in maybe 2 or 3 channels and the most powerful amongst them was our local Santa Rosa Channel, KFTY TV 50. During the day there was a block of Star Trek and some MASH and stuff but at night they would play infomercials until the morning news. I watched a lot of infomercials for want of anything else...  

To be honest I like these half hour commercials for silly products and still watch them today. I've never actually ordered anything from them because, IDK, I'm poor and not that much of a mark but watching the seller and the audience interact in this totally phony way is really interesting to me. It's almost surreal.

Sometimes when I was younger I'd imagine getting the workout devices and using them to get ripped and becoming a "chick magnet" but that never happened. I was more of a viewer than a doer. I still am today but that's a whole different story.

I like this video though. It really brings back being a kid to me. It's a super honest look at the mind of a young IseeRobots. A very truthful look. When people imagine the BITD era it's always like Stranger Things and Neon shirts but to me more accurately it was watching commercials at night in bed while eating generic corn chips and drinking Shasta until I fell asleep.