A Couple More JC Penny Sunday Mailer Scans Circa 1989

I kind of like these velour sweat tops. I don't know how much I want to sweat in velour but they are pretty fresh and freshness trumps functionality in the heart of a true fancy boy. I don't have a ton of material on these two pages. When I said Material I meant like jokes not live velour. Does that make sense? 

These two pages were connected together. They were like the centerfold as it were. Check it out though, I think that the girl on the right on pic one, like all the way to the right is the same girl as the girl on the 2nd page with the hood on. They are right? That's not all that interesting but it is an observation that I made..

Here is a question. Usually after I scan these I toss them. Do you think that someone might want some of these things? 

If you are ever interested in a page of something I scanned in hit me up at IseeRobots@IseeRobots.com I can mail it to you.. 

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