Two Little Televisions From My Collection Of Teeny-Tiny TV's

Over the years I've amassed a small collection of miniature Televisions. It started with one cute Barbie TV that had a VCR attached and it sort of rolled downhill from there. It's not an obsession or anything. I only have like 10-12 of them and I've only ever bought them at the flea market for less than a dollar so don't worry dude, I'm not hooked on doll house TV's or anything. 

I picked up the one you see up there at the flea this past Sunday. It cost a dollar. Well, I got that and a belt buckle that looked like an owl for a dollar so technically it cost a Kennedy. 

I really like the actual/factual picture on the screen. For the most part toy TVs have toy pictures on them. What I mean by that is that they have pictures of toys on them or drawings of toy characters. This one is a little unique in that regard. I think it's a Barbie TV. My evidence? It was made by Mattel. 

The 2nd TV is to me the Iconic toy TV. The Yellow Grover one. See, it has a drawing on it, not a picture so there you have it. 

This one comes from The Fisher Price Little People Sesame Street Apartment Play-Set. That is an all time classic set dude. I love the few branded Little People that we got along the way. I think reaching out to Henson Studios for licensing is so wholesome and it shows where Fisher Price's head was at at the time. 

One of the things I like about Toy TVs is when they are period accurate and this one is that in spades. It has a VHF and UHF knob and a volume plus Vertical and Horizontal hold. I'm guessing at what those three dot/knobs might be. It's either that or some sort of knob to adjust the color or brightness.

Anyhow, there you go. Two small TVs. I'll try and get a couple more of these up in a day or so.