Toy Pic: Space Hasbro, Hacksaw Jim Duggan

We all know Hacksaw Duggan. He's a legend of the game and I think that his Hasbro figure is a legendary wrestling figure. He comes with his trademark 2x4 which I don't have. I had it at one point but I sold it for like 40 bucks.
I kind of go in and out of collecting Hasbro's. I feel like I'm always right on the verge of either selling them on Ebay or putting them into a tub and moving them out to the garage or onto a shelf way up in my closet. Right now they are actually right next to my desk in a place of honor which is weird but also goes to show my general ups and downs with the line. 

I like the 3D effect on Hacksaw in the pic. I don't know if it's actually 3D because I couldn't find any of the blue and red glasses to check. My gut says that it probably isn't but it also could maybe be? 

If you have the proper glasses give it a look-see and let me know. 

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