Toy Pic: Akeem In Space

I use this starry-space background for my ebay pictures. IDK, it feels very neutral to me but also sort of cool at the same time. Plus it doesn't get as dirty as a white background so it's stood the test of time as far as durability. 

Anyhow, I was taking pics out there and I had my Akeem WWF Hasbro laying about so and I think the head sculpts on some of these guys are pretty decent so I decided to take a head-shot of good old One Man Gang.  Then I turned him purple. I kind of like how it came out. I think I might do a series of WWF Hasbros as space aliens. I've had worse ideas...

Here is another one that I did awhile back. This is Virgil. He was Ted Dibiase's man-servent. I like this one too. with his bald head and green tint he almost looks like an alien.. 

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