Montgomery Ward Catalog Page Scan. Two Cool TVs..!


Today I present another fairly fun catalog page. This one is from the Montgomery Ward 1971 Fall Edition. I was negative 2 years old at the time. On a side note my mom always called Montgomery Wards, Monkey Wards and that's always the first thing I think of when I see MW.. 

Both of these TVs are dynamite. I'm really a fan of older model TVs. I like the woodgrain and the way the glass of the screen looks. I also really dig the dials as opposed to the buttons on TVs nowadays. It was really satisfying to turn knobs and get that little "click" sound as they passed through the channels... 

Of these two TVs I think I prefer the one on the bottom. I like the gold tone on the speaker area plus how the knobs are side by side. For the most part what I see are knobs up and down, not side by side. That is totally irrelevant but also a little cool. Not really though..

What's interesting to me is how we used to watch the TV on the ground. Nowadays it's all about looking straight ahead or up even but back then, all eyes were pointed down at the ground. I get it. TVs used to be mad heavy so floor models were common. It's just a little interesting.