Scans: KXFX The Fox Bumper Sticker W/ A Blockbuster Coupon On The Back!

When I was coming up The Fox was the big station for metal heads and various rocker types. You had Live 105 for the alt kids, KMEL for the rap dudes and The Fox for rocking out with your cock out as it were. 

I mostly played my rap-tapes at the time. KMEL didn't really program the kind of rap that I liked. They focused on west coast stuff and I was an avowed New York Rap Dude but I knew A LOT of folks who lived and died by The Fox. It was THE STATION for tons of my friends and I heard it a lot when I was rolling around with them.

One of the things that I like about the bumper sticker is that there is a small little bumper sticker off to the side. You could put it on your wagon or the back of your bike over the reflector. Kids are dumb. 

Sadly, The Fox is now longer with us. There is a pop station in it's place now but initially it was replaced with a country station, I believe. 

It was a big deal when the transition went down. People passed around petitions and there were even protests outside Fox Plaza. That's really what their offices were called, Fox Plaza. Ya know, I think the building is still called Fox Plaza. It's over by where Johnny Garlic's used to be, across from the old Sizzler.

These coupons are on the back of the sticker. Where do I begin? That Rainbow Records was down the street from where we lived for awhile and I walked down there like all the time. Seemingly daily at one point. 

They carried used tapes and for awhile they must have been buying big because it seemed like they were getting in new stuff daily, and I got my hands on a lot of it.. 

The Blockbuster is actually down the street from where Rainbow used to be. It was a Subway for awhile and now I think it's a Mexican Barber shop and a smaller Subway. I was over there last night. That's where Mambo's Pizza is. 

We were getting a slice and we walked right by that Blockbuster. There was a bum sleeping in front of it and The Subway was closed. It was like 7:30. 

The Rainbow records is I think a pool-supply store. It's either that or an insurance agency. I'm not sure. I think pool supplies but dude, I don't think I'd bet on it...

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