Toy Pic! Masters Of The Universe Origins: Clamp Champ

I took this pic out in the backyard. I put Clamp Champ inside of this big tin box we have hanging on the fence. I thought that it sort of looked like some sort of a jail with the bars and stuff. 

I thought that maybe Clamp Champ was dropping off some sort of Eternian bad guy at jail after he grabbed him with that big clampy thing on his right arm. The clampy thing is cool. It has a button and if you push it these pig pincers pop out and you can use them to grab up dudes...

I'm not super pleased with this pic to be honest. I don't like the coloring near C.C's hairline. I'm not sure why it's there but there is this lighter colored spot on both sides of his head near the hair. I thought about coloring it in with a sharpie but decided against it.

It's not a terrible pic or anything just sort of average... 

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