Mego Introduces Elastic Superheroes Comic Book Scan!

How wacky. Man, it looks like Bane really did a number on Batman this time around. He is literally tied in knots. Maybe he is just chilling though. Like yoga style or something. If you look at his face he does look pretty relaxed. I bet it's yoga. I mean a dude has to keep his flexibility right? 

I've never not ever seen one of these in person but I imagine that they are kind of like a Stretch Armstrong type deal. Here is a link to some info on The Mego Museum (Invaluable resource). If you hop on over there you can see that they are basically like Stretch but they look like Supes and Bats.. 

Holy guacamole! If you go to Ebay and check some prices these guys out they are crazy expensive.. Click here to see some recent solds.. At the time that I first posted this scan there was one that sold for like 9oo bucks.. well, someone made them an offer and they took it but they were asking 985 bucks! That's wild.

The comic that I scanned this from was a 1979 issue of The Unknown Soldier by DC.. I love me a 70's DC War Comic...