Classic Episode Repost: Toys R Us Report Ep.26: Chewbacca By Kenner W/ New Intro

Hey kids. This week we're gonna take a look at a classic from the past.. Episode number 26 where we took a look at all the Chewbacca figures produced by Kenner... I felt like it was a fitting tribute to the recently passe Peter Mayhew. I recorded a new intro complete with a TROY to Mr. Mayhew.. He shall be missed...

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by, this week we have a great show ahead of us. It's special for a few reasons. For the first time EVER! we tackle a topic involving Star Wars AND this is our longest episode to date! Awesome right?

Outside of Chewbacca we talk about the sad closure of a local video store, A GREAT movie that I saw and when it finally gets down to The Real Toy Talk we go on so long about Chewbacca that I had to add an extra 10 minutes to the show to fit it it all in. 

We talk about Wookies and their homeworld and what sort of physical gifts a Wookie is born with. It's fascinating stuff! We talk about Chewie and the movies and why he has always been a special character to me. 

There is a bunch of great stuff this week including a bunch of new musical breaks. Real great stuff. Honestly this might be my favorite show to date.. 

 I want to give a big shout out to KRS One and thank him helping us with the structure of the show. Without him I never would have come up with at least half of it! 

After listening to the show come back and play that KRS One video down at the bottom! Thanks man! 

It's a great show like always make sure to tell a friend!