GI Joe ARAH The Secret Of The Dark Lagoon Order Form

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I've been doing some straightening up out in my garage lately. It started with organizing my comics but it spread out to include the rest of the garage as well. It's fun and very satisfying to get your life in order. 

Anyway I was poking around in a pile of papers over by this TV that I have out there. I have a dedicated VHS dubbing station. It's a TV/VCR combo connected to another VCR. I do copy tapes from time to time. I have a friend that I record some shows for. He doesn't have cable and a VCR was the easiest way to get the shows to him that I could think of. It's fun to tape stuff. IDK. 

A close up pic of the goods
There is some good stuff available in this mail away deal. I love The Whale and I really dig the Sky Hawk. I've owned a few of them over the years but have never had a Whale. That's the hovercraft.

The Martial Arts Unit down on the right side is interesting too. That's Quick-Kick and Jynx? I'm not really sure. If it's Jynx that's dope. She is the female Ninja that works with The Joe Team. I've never had her figure and sort of covet it...

The rest of it is alright I guess. The Cobra Battle Barge is cool. It's basically an innertube like you rent when you're over at Spring Lake for floating around the lagoon but it has three Cobra Troops in it. I kind of love it. Here is a better Pic of it over at 

The Prices. Click for a better/larger view
The prices seem kind of steep to me. IDK, when you add on the shipping it does IMHO get a bit pricey. Not crazy or anything I just wonder why you'd go to the trouble of ordering this stuff and paying the shipping when they prolly had all this stuff over at Ben Franklin's. It's always fun to get stuff in the mail so you do have to weigh that in when you are considering the overall deal right? I mean, getting Joe stuff in YOUR MAILBOX! That's a bit priceless right?