The Toys R Us Report Ep.160: My Day As A Flea Market Vendor plus Sicario and Tons More!

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We start off with a new song from kate and Engineer Emily from there we move into some talk about Space Fleas and Johnny Coins. It's a fun time.

From there we hit up At The Movies where this week we tackle one of my most anticipated Summer Movies, Sicario: Day Of The Soldado. I had a wild time at the cinema and I'll tell you all about it.

Then on to the main event where we have a super in depth, super fun look at my day as a flea market vendor over at Mojo Sales Flea Market. I talk about what I brought, what I sold, what happened there and all sorts of other cool things flea market related..

At the end of the show I talk on the farmer's market, Star Wars figures, GI Joe parts, Toy R Us and a ton of other weird/wild happenings. It's a great show this week. Make sure to tell a pal.

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