IseeRobots On The 80-89 Podcast With Everyone's Pal.. Zerb.

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Just this past week I was invited to appear on Zerbinator's 80-89 Podcast. I was stoked. I listen to the show and love the concept. The idea is that these are a series of tapes recorded in the past talking about the current events of the day. It's totally fun. On this episode we talked on September 1982. What a lovely month it was!

I had such a great time and I really want you folks to peep it out, look, I'll let you in on something.. Me and Zerb do some singing.. Yep, it's worth the listen even for just that. On the real tip. 

Zerb has his own site where dude has a MILLION other great shows.. Hop on over there and give him a listen. Dudes mad skilled on the production tip as well as being an awesome host.. You can find him over at ZerbinatorLand!!