Really Great Pic Of Helen Slater. Half Shirt And Bikini Bottoms From The Legend Of Billie Jean

Man she's skinny here. I've always dug Helen Slater and I was super stoked to see her pop up on CBS as Supergirl's mom. I really dug her Supergirl movie even though it wasn't really that great and a lot of folks really hate it.. She looked awesome in the costume and for something of that sort that's good enough. I also was really into The Legend Of Billie Jean. 

When I was a youngster that flick really spoke to me. Not that I was a rebel or anything. It was prolly more likely I enjoyed Helen's cool short hair cut. That was pretty wild for the time. The old lady had never seen it before so we watched it on cable the other week. I thought that it held up in the way that some 80's movies do. It was kitschy and cool and totally 80's....