Classic Episode Repost: Toys R Us Report Ep.27: Video Store Days. My Career In The Video Store Game

Hey guys this week we are taking a little different tact on the old Toys R Us Report. We are gonna spend a little time talking about Video Stores. The recent closure of Bae's Rincon Video got me to thinking about my history in the video business as well as some general musings on VHS Tapes. I had a ton of fun making this episode and I think that you are really gonna dig it.

We talk about the store that I worked at. There are some cool stories of my days there as well as some talk of the adult video market and THE VAULT! Don't worry, it's pretty safe as far as content goes. No cussin' or anything. Mostly business talk. Prices, rental rates, the high markups etc... 

While I was working there they filmed a scene from the movie Scream. Ya, the famous video store scene from Scream was filmed at Bradley Video while I was working there. Cool huh? I talk about that as well as the stand my town took against the terror of HORROR MOVIES!!!

There is also a VHS review in the mix. I watched a tape called Cage with Lou Ferrigno. It was terrible and I'll tell you all about it. 

It's a great show like always, make sure to tell a friend!!