The Toys R Us Report: The Top Five Marvel Movies Since Iron Man 1

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week! I really mean it this time. It's super fun.  The show starts off with a bit of an argument between me and Iceberg about the whole deal with his agent and all that.. 

Then it's on to At The Movies where we take a look at a movie I saw called Midnight Special. It's a new sci fi flick that stars Adam Driver and Micheal Shannon. We thought it was fun and I'll tell you all about it

After that it's on to a favorite segment of mine TOP 5! This time around we take a loot at the Top 5 Movies based on Marvel Comic Characters! It's super fun and sure to cause some controversy. Let me know what you think! How? How about over at our Facebook Group HERE!!!!!  

Iceberg's former agent and new Pooptronic Stooge AB Silver shows up again and hilarity ensues..

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