The Toys R Us Report Episode 52: The Santa Rosa Toy Con 2015

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super awesome show ahead of us this week! We cover everything from The Santa Rosa Toy Con all the way to the 3 movies I saw this week. It's just so neat. I thought that this was a really great episode. Totally action packed.

The main crux of the show is our recent trip to my favorite and also closest Con, The Santa Rosa Toy Con. There is a ton of other fun stuff though. This is sure to be an all time classic episode. I mean that, I mean, I say it all the time but this time it totally is.

 Dudes, we got to be in the same room with Billy Dee Williams and I tell you all about it. Just an awesome experience..

Make sure to tell a friend... Also, make sure to hop on over to and take a look at all the dope incintives we got for helping us to be all we can be. It's totally worth it!