The Toys R Us Report Episode 43: M.A.S.H By Tristar

Hey kids! We got a super fun show but it's also summer length meaning a bit short. It's awesome though. We start off with a bit of talk about a true legend of Bay Area football and a Party Blimp Ticket Holder, Ken The Snake Stabler. He was one of my all time faves and I talk all about it here on the show.. It's a true sad moment. TROY: Snake!

Then it's on to The Main Event: Mash by Tristar Toys. I always thought that these were made by Mego. IDK, it just seems to me that Mego had all the toy licenses that didn't seem to warrant toys. My mistake..

It's a super fun show. MASH is a really great line and a great show to boot! You are sure to have a fun time.. I promise...! 

Up last is the Toys R Us Report where I talk about all the cool stuff I saw at Toys R Us This Week.. There was actually a few new things and I tell you all about it...

Make sure to check out for some all new incentives for helping us out with a little loot. You come out ahead for the most part!