The Toys R Us Report Episode 41: The Oakland Coliseum Flea Market

Hey kids! Got a real fun episode ahead of us today. I really mean it this time! There is just so much cool stuff packed in. We start off with some talk about the IWA! The Imaginary Wrestling Alliance and then we talk about a fantastic movie I saw called Inside Out and then it's onward and upward to the Main Event! Where we talk all about The Oakland Coliseum Flea Market. We went there the other day and it was super wild! 

On the real tip there is an all new song and just a TON of surprises thrown in. This is sure to be a classic episode. FOR REAL! 

I mean it when I say this. I think that this is a real fun episode. It is just jam packed with good material. If you only listen to one episode, I mean, why do that but if you do choose to do that, listen to this one!

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