The Toys R Us Report Episode 31: Chuck Norris And The Karate Kommandos

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. This week we have a super fun show ahead of us. It's A Chuck Norris Spectacular. We take a look at THE MAN and the toy line he spawned, Chuck Norris And The Karate Kommandos.

 We take a look at the cartoon and the comic that came along with it as well as a little background data on the company that produced the figures, Kenner. It's some real interesting stuff. 

There is also a real neat VHS review, a Chuck Norris movie of course, Invasion USA! How great is that? Super great!

Oh ya, can't forget the Blimp Talk!! There is some more of that and it's not to be missed. It's a pretty good show this week. Make sure to tell a friend and make sure to hop on over to Patreon and consider helping us out with a small donation! It's totally worth it.