The Toys R Us Report Podcast Episode 4: For The Week Of Oct 7th 2014

Hey kids! Another week means another episode of The Toys R  Us Report. This week we take a look at a movie I saw, Maze Runner, I share a couple of stories from the week, they are a little funny, I'm sure you'll like that. 

The Retro Toy Roundup this week is all about M.A.S.K. You guys were in to M.A.S.K right? How could you not be? I talk a little about the history of the show and talk about the cartoon for a minute. It's a good time.

Right after that we move on to The Toys R Us Report. The Toys R Us is a bit stagnant so we hit up two different Targets as well as two different Wallgreens. Did I find the white whale? You'll just have to wait and see... I didn't, there I saved you half an hour.  Here is a couple of pics of the Collector Corner that they've set up over at Target. It's a bit messy which is pretty much par for the course at Target. I feel bad for the clerks there.  The folks that shop there are animals. The toy section is so bombed out and depleted.