Toys R Us Report For Sept 1st 2014

Hey kids, another week another trip down the The Good Old TRU. There wasn't much new stuff this time around. Kind of the same old same old. I didn't get The Black Widow that I've been looking for amongst a see of Captain Americas and Baron Zemos. I didn't get the Rocket Raccoon Marvel Legend that has the Groot head. That's cool though. I wasn't really in the mood to spend. I have to many unopened packs of Minimates in my closet anyway. 

Let's take a look at what I peeped out. 

Ok, what's up with this? Who wants Ryback headphones? That's totally weird. Seriously. The John Cena punching bag is kinda cool though and that kids got great extension on that jab. He does kind of have his chin just hanging around out there waiting to be hit though. I'd straight hook over his jab and drop one on em'

Any Hulk toy is at least a little cool. This has the that going for it. It's a little cool. Not super awesome or anything. Still, it kind of makes me laugh. This is more like a Rack Toy than an actual toy though. 

My wife said that this has been there for awhile now. I don't think I've seen it though. It's really great. I only have Catwoman from this set so I don't need this or anything but it's cool as hell right?

I hope that this series is doing well. I'd like to see more of these. Like Batgirl or an Ertha Kitt Catwoman maybe or some random goons. The villains always had awesome henchman on the show. For real. I'd like to see some of these Mr Freeze thugs or These Penguin Goons, maybe like a 2 pack of goons with different faces.

These two were there. Dagger seems to be more common than she has been in the past. I wonder what's up with that. 

Finally I headed over to the car aisle and found this really cool Simon & Simon Hot Wheels Car. I wonder how much listened S & S merch there has been over the year? I can't imagine that there has been that much. I actually saw this car months ago but hadn't seen one since. I wonder if this was one that they had hiding around in the back or something..

That's about it for this week kids. Not a ton of new stuff or interesting stuff really. That's cool though. It can't always be awesome right? If it were, well that'd be weird. Cool but weird right? You know, it wouldn't be weird at all. It'd just be cool. Let's all hope for that. Let's hope that it's always awesome. Is that too much to ask for? Not if you ask me it isn't .