Magazine Scans: Three Ads From A 1985 Mcall's Magazine


I was at the thrift store the other day. It was the Valor Thrift on 4th Street. Anyhow, they have a downstairs area for electronics and furniture but it also has a bunch of other random stuff too. It's my favorite part of the store. 

No one seems to ever go down there so for the most part it's just me chilling in the basement of a junk store looking at broken lamps and scratched LPs.. It's really great honestly. 

I was there the other day and they had a box full of old lady's magazines lying on the floor, like Good Housekeeping and McCall's and stuff. When I was a kid I was a voracious reader and I'd mow through whatever was in the house and that hunger eventually lead me into some of my mom's magazines. I'd mostly just flip through them looking for underwear adverts but when I started looking through the McCall's at the thrift. I really got nostalgic for the entire package, the recipes, the pictures of food and all that. 

Sometimes it's the strangest thing that drag you back. In our memories we tend to remember the big events, the trips to amusement parks, movies and things like that but it's the smaller things that give you an accurate picture of what it was like back then. Magazines are a real nostalgia maker for me.  

 I ended up buying to issues of what was a stack of about 10. I kind of wish that I would have bought a couple more but they don't always have set prices for things so you never know what you are going to be charged until you get to the register. I wound up only paying a dollar for each one which is the going rate for old magazines but again, you never know. 

I like the one up there for the microwave. I remember when we got our first microwave. It was big and brown and we tried to "nuke" every food we could think of to see if it was "nuke-able" most things weren't. For the most part we'd use it to heat up hot-dogs and left over pizza. I don't think the "Nuker" ever lived up to it's promises. 

That one there is especially good. We had a few cans of International Coffee at the house, not the actual coffee, just the cans. My grandma used them to store buttons and stuff like that. I don't remember ever seeing the actual coffee in use, I mean, only on TV but the fools on the tube chugging that stuff down seemed so classy. 

Do they even make International Coffee anymore? I think that do but not in the same form. Not in the small metal cans, ya know? I'd like to have a couple of those bad-boys to store buttons in or more likely my extra Final Faction accessories. Right now they are in a glass peanut butter jar. Adam's PB I think... 

Well, I think that's about it for these three scans. I have some more including a really fun Sanka ad. I'm obsessed with Sanka. I don't really know why. There is just something funny about it to me... 

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