IseeRobots Television: Some Funky Fresh Commercials From The 1989 World Series

Hey kids. The 1989 World Series was a big deal around these parts. Imagine, the two bay area teams battling it out for supremacy of all of baseball.. It was awesome and then BAM! There was an earthquake. That was nuts. I was out front of our house playing Wiffle Ball with my brother when it happened. I could see the house sway. It was crazy. 

Anyhow, I have a couple of the games on VHS but only one of them has commercials. These are those commercials. I think for the most part they are car commercials. That's the biggest advertiser that there is, Cars. 

There is a good Halloween Commercial from Mcdonalds. I think that's probably the crown jewel of this set but honestly it's all pretty fun.