TV Preview From A Random Wendsday in January 1977. A Newspaper Scan.


I found an old TV Guide at the Honey Hole last week. Well, it's not a TV Guide it's the local TV listings handout from the paper. I think that's better honestly. Local adverts rule. Anyhow, if you click on the big one up there you can zoom in and take the whole thing in. I made some smaller scans as well though. Let's take a look at those.

This is the morning. I don't know what Cartoon Town on KTVU 2 at 7 AM is. It was probably a mix of old cartoons lumped together, like Popeye and Woody Woodpecker and stuff like that. That's just a guess though. The Bullwinkle at 8 on 2 lasted for years. I was still watching Bullwinkle on KTVU when I was in High School. I used to watch The Flinstones and Bullwinkle on KTVU 2 while I got ready for school in the morning. It was an important part of my routine. 

This guide is from 1977. I should have mentioned this already but ya, Bullwinkle ran for years on 2. At 8 AM you also have The Electric Company on 14. I'm not sure what channel that is. The PBS affiliate around here was KQED 9. I have vague memories of another channel that was PBS as well though. Electric Company was on PBS right? I remember it lumped in with Sesame Street. 

From Bullwinkle at 8 AM, KTVU 2 goes right into Romper Room at 9 Am and PBS 9 drops Sesame Street at the same time. After That Double Dare, wait this is way too early in history to be the Nickelodeon Double Dare. Wonder what show this was? (The Answer is Here) From there it moves into the next bit... 

This is a small bit that purports to have the best things of the week. Honestly none of them look great. Jimmy Carter's Inauguration Ball is on there. That's sure to be a snore.. 

Here is another big strip. This piece covers up until 5PM. The Prime time portion was on the next page. I will scan that in in a couple of day. That will give you a little bit of time to work on this stuff here. 

I picked Wed afternoon because it just felt really random. Wed, the most random day of the week. Nah, Wed is popularly know as "Hump-Day" It has a nickname. That's not random. How about Thursday? That's probably the most random day. Maybe Tuesday? Who knows? 

So, there you go. A scan of a random page from an old issue of TV Preview from the year of Our Lord, 1977. I was 4 years old. 


  1. I love old TV Guides. This one is from a little before my sweet spot, but still fun none the less. Looking forward to the main prime time listings that you teased.

    It's interesting to note that Happy Days was already so popular it was in daytime syndication. And channel 2 showing Gilligan's Island and Bewitched in the afternoon feels like a template for what TBS would do years later.

    Thanks for putting this out there for us to enjoy.

    1. You are welcome my man. I will get the next part up in a little bit. Thanks for taking a peek and keep your great blog work coming!


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