Toy Pic: Mego The Mummy. A Head-Shot.

This is a head-shot of a Mego Mummy. It's really a great figure. The face is so detailed. I love the evil eyes. I LOVE the teeth and man, all the rest of it is great too. Mego is knocking out of the park with these head sculpts and at a like 13 dollar price point, it's just great work dudes. 

The kid picked this up for me at an FYE in Cupertino. I think it was Cupertino but it could have been somewhere else really. There are like a ton of towns around here and they all sort of sound the same as far as their names go.

I like how the rags used to wrap The Mummy look all calcified. They resemble hard rock more than they do soft fabric. That's so neat. He's a bit like The Thing from Marvel Comics in that sense...

This fig is part of my Halloween Mego Display. I pull out all my monsters and set them up on a cabinet behind the couch. 

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