Toy Pic: Abdullah The Butcher Kitbashed Remco AWA/Motu Mixup!

So basically the idea here is that I took my super cool AWA Remco Abdullah fig and mixed him up with some Masters stuff like how they are doing over at Mattel with their recently cancelled Masters Of The WWE Universe line. You can call them The Masters Of The AWA Universe if you want. It's not the most creative title though. 

The formula for Abby is this. I took some Beastman arm pieces and my wife was nice enough to hand paint some neat Skeletor armor I picked up on Ebay for a couple bucks. Don't worry, it's from the retro line not vintage. I'd never tool around with vintage stuff!

The real great piece here is the fork. It's an oversized Barbie BBQ fork that the above mentioned wife had in her Barbie stuff. She was happy to hand it over for the project. She's very generous when it comes to toy stuff. 

If you follow old school wrestling you know that Abby's signature weapon is a fork. Dude is a lunatic in the ring and made his bones traveling the world straight up stabbing dudes with a piece of cutlery. It's a living I guess.

I think that Abby would for sure be on Skeletor's team. Dude is a straight up heel. There might be some times where dude fought for the faces but look at him man. Dude has DEEP scars in his head and a fork in his mouth, not for eating but for STABBING! That's as heelish as someone could possibly be!

I took these pics in an old sink we have out in the backyard. We picked it up at a yard sale. It's a beautiful shade of blue but we haven't really found a use for it in the house yet. Maybe someday but until that day comes it's a vessel for taking pics of wrestling figs. Not the worst fate in the world overall for a second hand sink.


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  1. This was a great idea. I was, and still am, a big fan of the AWA Remco figures. I look forward to seeing if you come up with any more of these cross-over figures.

    1. thanks Mick! I made some Road Warriors the other week. You can find them here...

      I'm slowly working on turning a Rick Martel into a new best friend for He-Man. I just need to come up with some cool armor!


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