Original Baseball Card Video Company Presents An Introduction To Basebal...

Back in the day my brother and I were crazy into Baseball Cards.. like CRAZY into cards. I actually dedicated an entire episode of This Boring Life to the topic.. You can check it out HERE!!! Anyway, we were so into it that we'd take any opportunity to learn more about cards or to even just hear someone talk about cards.. What I'm getting at is that we rented this VHS and many others like it from our local video store. We were such nerds.

Anyhow, I was at The Dig the other week and I couldn't believe it when I came across a copy of the actual tape that we used to watch! How fun is that? I mean totally fun right? If you like baseball card related VHS Tapes I guess.. anyhow, I ripped it to Youtube for the whole world to see.. There are some major tracking issues but they sort of give it an extra VHS feel to it.. Enjoy..