IseeRobots Television: KFTY TV 50 News With Ed Beebout 12 Mins W/Commercials!

Man! I was geeked when I found this. KFTY was our local Santa Rosa channel and one of the few that I could pick up on my bedroom TV hence I watched A LOT of TV 50.

One of the highlights of the channel was the evening news with Ed Beebout. He's a local legend. I mean that. The dude was the coolest and not in an ironic way. The dude was a LEGEND! 

The News was really great because they would cover things around town and at the time SR had that small town feel. It was almost like just about everyone in SR appeared on TV 50 News at some point in time. 

I was on there in the background a few times and once they aired a speech I gave at a High School Peace Rally... ya, I like peace. Don't make fun.

Anyhow, this is a neat slice of time that really brings me back to being in my bedroom over on Windsor Court watching Black and White TV all Summer cuz I really didn't have much else to do...