The Toys R Us Report Episode 73: Batman V Superman

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week! I really mean it this time. It's super fun. This week we take a look at a couple of movies I saw and about a book I got credited in! 

We start off with a story about a book called Rap Tees that gave your boy a credit. You can get the book HERE! and I recommend that you do. It's fantastic. HERE!!!! Is the original post that got the ball rolling. 

Then we move on to my review of 10 Cloverfield Lane, the mysterious new flick from JJ Abrams.. We follow that up with The Main Event!! Batman V Superman!! I saw it and will tell you all about it. Not only will I tell you all about It, I actually give you guys my own idea for a Superman picture. It's pretty fun and you can only hear about it here!

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